Vegas Private Strippers FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about strippers and escorts It is My First Time to Hire Private Strippers, What Should I Do?

Once you call for our girls, we will tell you everything you need to know. We guarantee to deliver and ensure that you can have a great party. Here at our company, we take pride of providing our first clients with private strippers who understand who special the celebration is. Once we receive your email, we will call you soon and discuss with you the terms of our service and the strippers available. You will get the rest of the details once you contacted us and have the answer to whatever questions you may have.

Why Should I Choose Your Agency?

We are in the business for many years now although we launched our website recently. We operate the entire areas of Sin City and the neighboring states. We have a long standing reputation of delivering only the best entertainment at the best prices available. Motivated by the desire to outside our competitors, we guarantee results and no other agencies can compare. We deliver the entertainers you pick, a great show, and we will contact you as soon as you completed the inquiry form.

What Types of Entertainment You Offer?

Here at our company, we deliver superior entertainment that the Sin City has to offer. We specialize in bachelor and bachelorette parties, down and dirty boy’s and girl’s night out, birthday parties, and more. Our female and male strippers, top less servers, actors, models, topless dealers, party hosts, and go-go dancers are professional and know that your party means to you.

How Much Private Party Strippers Cost?

Depending on the type of the party and the entertainment you want, prices of our strippers may vary. Due to the nature of the business, we refrain from listing figures in our website. We encourage you to complete our inquiry from and we will contact you to discuss and arrange the service.

What Payment Options Do You Have?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. However, we prefer cash and you pay us upon the arrival of our girls to your party.

How Does the Show Go?

Our girls arrive at your location at the scheduled time or earlier. Male strippers usually arrives dressed and female stripers request for a room to change clothes. The show begins ASAP and our girls will give the celebrant a strip tease. As the show goes on, clothes will be removed and sexier strip teases and games will be performed. The entertainment can go to alcohol shots, whip shots, sexy figures, and lap dance contests. As long as people are tipping, the party will keep rocking. Note that our private strippers work for tip, so you should prepare bunch of bills if you want them to stay longer.

How Long Does the Show Last?

The show can be one good sexy strip tease or a few songs for the guest of honor. If you call for our girls to do a full show, the show can last for an hour or two as long as everybody is tipping. You can pay upfront, so your guests do not need to tip. The more you tip the more the show will get crazier and wilder. All our entertainers are fair and reasonable.

What Rules Do We Need to Follow? Can We Take Video or Photos?

We keep on asking our clients, especially the first time customers to respect the entertainment. If you wish to take video or pictures, you need to specify that right from the start when discussing the service with us. However, most of our private strippers do not mind if you take pictures.

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