Unforgettable Bachelor Party Ideas

The bachelor party is a right of passage for every groom who is going to get married – and Vegas is the ultimate place to host this party. When it comes to bachelor party ideas, go big. We’ve got some of the best ways to help you plan an unforgettable party, starting with the entertainment.

When you want the groom to be treated like the man of the night, just let us take care of the entertainment with our sexy private strippers. We promise that this is better than even the highest-end strip clubs around Vegas.

There are a few important things to consider before the party – and this should serve as a checklist as you start to plan everything.

  1. Establish the guest list.

Who will you be inviting? Depending on who has to fly in for the party, you may want to keep it to less than 10 – or you may want the ultimate blowout of 50 or more.

Whatever number you decide on, keep in mind that you need to make sure that there is room, transportation, and party favors for everyone.

  1. Get a hotel room.

The more people you have, the bigger the hotel room should be. This won’t necessarily be for everyone to sleep. When you plan in-room entertainment, there needs to be enough space for your guests as well as for the strippers to provide a quality show.

Remember that, in Vegas, there are various properties to stay on. You may want to explore a suite or even a villa to ensure you have plenty of space to work with.

  1. Book the entertainment.

With more people comes the difficult task of finding entertainment. You don’t want to limit the number of guests simply because you can’t fit a large group into a strip club.

It’s why booking in-room strippers is the better option. You can book two, three, or more girls to provide the strip teases, the girl-on-girl action, and all the fetish play you can handle.

If you’re wondering just what kind of entertainment should be included in a Vegas bachelor party, just call us, and we’ll provide the steamy recommendations.

  1. Consider the food, drinks, and other details.

Food and cocktails or beer should be a top consideration when you’re planning the party. What’s everyone going to eat and where? Rather than booking reservations all over time, take advantage of room service and food delivery services. That’s one of the benefits of booking a big hotel room.

By choosing in-room entertainment over a strip club, you also get away from paying for expensive bottle service. Instead, you can head to the store to stock your hotel room with whatever it is that the groom-to-be and his guests love to drink.

Think about a few themes above and beyond Vegas strippers. For example:

  • Cars
  • Sports
  • Gambling

Just as a strip club wouldn’t be the only thing you do for the bachelor, inviting escorts to a hotel room shouldn’t be the only thing, either.

The groom and all of the guests may be flying in from quite a distance, so make a weekend of it all. Plan out entertainment that could include a Ferrari rental to drive around the strip or a sports game for the night before the bachelor party. Have fun with it all – and ensure that everything you choose allows you to cater to what the bachelor loves most.

As you focus on the bachelor party pre-planning, be sure that you think about bachelor party gifts and favors for everyone in attendance. This can consist of t-shirts for everyone to wear or even customized flasks or poker chips for everyone to take home with them.

All of this should be ordered well in advance of the party. A good bachelor party should take a few months to plan so you can be sure you don’t forget any of the important details.

Remember, too, that booking escorts will provide you with the most flexibility – and more affordable options. Forget about paying covers for 20+ guests at a strip club. Instead, a few escorts can provide you with sexy entertainment in the comfort of a posh Vegas hotel room.

A stripper will know how to turn up the heat at a bachelor party, so it’s up to you to set the tone. Invite the girl (or girls) in and watch as the party comes to life.

Be sure to identify the groom right away so that he gets special attention.

Let the girls take the lead with bachelor party games. You may end up playing a hot game of “Truth or Dare” or something even wilder…just let everything take its natural progression.

Of course, with the hot in-room escorts, you can ensure that the groom and everyone else in attendance are having their needs met.

  • Sensual massages
  • Fetish play
  • Toy demonstrations
  • Strip teases
  • Lingerie modeling

If you thought strip clubs were hot, just let us show you what our strippers can do.

Keep in mind that with larger guest lists, you’ll want to book more strippers. That way, no one feels left out and everyone has an unforgettable night!

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