Bachelor Party On A Budget

Planning a bachelor party in Vegas can be expensive if you’re not careful. It’s actually possible to hire bachelor party strippers and have the time of your life in Sin City without going broke. Once you know who is attending, start focusing on cool bachelor party ideas that are budget-friendly.

We have a few tips that will help you along the way.

Las Vegas is an expensive city – there’s no way to get around that. When you have your heart set on a Vegas bachelor party, make sure that everyone invited is willing to pitch in to make it memorable for the groom-to-be.

Consider different bachelor party locations: Don’t go to the biggest restaurants on The Strip. Instead, consider planning a bachelor party at one of the restaurants or bars off the beaten path. It will be easier to get reservations for a large party, and you won’t spend a fortune. Of course, you can also plan a full Vegas bachelor party to take place within your hotel room or suite.

Check out the in-hotel entertainment: Many discounts are provided if you stay at the hotel where the entertainment is. For example, if you want to check out the comedy at the MGM, your best bet is to stay there because they’ll offer bigger discounts. Some hotels also offer Cirque shows, showgirl entertainment, and more.

Explore different forms of transportation: If you center yourself in the heart of the Vegas Strip, you won’t need any transportation. However, if you do plan on exploring other parts of Vegas, be careful about hiring limos or party buses, as they can be expensive. Instead, walk, use trams, and, if absolutely necessary to go further, consider renting a three-row SUV or two for the day.

Plan the party on an off-weekend: Hotels can be hundreds of dollars more per night when there’s a big event, like an NFL game, the CES show, or the Grand Prix. By booking your bachelor party on an off weekend, you could save a small fortune on the hotel rooms.

Ask about group discounts: Many restaurants, strip clubs, and entertainment venues will offer group discounts for 6+ people. This can make it easier to plan a full day of excitement without paying full price.

Avoid spending too much on drinks: Many of the hotel and resort bars have the most expensive beer and cocktails. Rather than spending $20+, look for the happy hour pricing around town. You may also want to stop at a liquor store and drink in your room.

Look for coupons: Vegas has plenty of coupons, and your hotel may be the best place to start. Ask for a coupon book so you can find deals like BOGO buffets, discounts on shows, and more.

Hire a private stripper (or two!): Rather than paying the cover charge at a strip club (which can be as high as $50 per person) and then spending even more on lap dances, the easiest and most affordable option is to invite bachelor party strippers to your hotel room. Two or three girls can provide the entertainment for everyone, and it will offer a more unique and personalized experience.

Getting help with how to plan a bachelor party affordably is okay – and many restaurants and resorts are happy to provide you with added tips. As soon as you identify where you’re staying, reach out to the hotel’s concierge to see what they can help with.

Think about all of the details of the bachelor party weekend. You’ll need hotel rooms, food, drinks, and entertainment. And, of course, you can have a few fun things like shot glasses and T-shirts made so that you all have some souvenirs.

In the end, you have to save money on various things so you have money for what matters the most.

What are you going to remember the most? You probably won’t remember what you ate or drank, so that’s not where you should be spending your money. Find deals so you’re not spending $100 per person per day on food alone.

The real fun is what you came to Vegas for – the strippers.

Bachelor party strippers can be ordered to visit your Vegas hotel room. By not going to a strip club, you eliminate most of the rules. And there won’t be security guards watching your every move and telling you that you can’t touch the girls.

In-room strippers provide a more personalized experience because they’re not up on stage entertaining an entire room full of people. Instead, they may only be entertaining a dozen or so of you.

With more of a personalized experience, you can pay for more strippers who have sultry personalities and are open-minded to fetish play, lesbian sex shows, sex toy demos, and more. It will provide you with the unforgettable experience that you came to Vegas for.

We’re here to help you with all of the planning, too. Contact us for a few bachelor party planning ideas as well as prices. We promise that it’s possible to plan an affordable bachelor party, especially if you take advantage of the savings elsewhere.

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